Egg Tart Machine
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    Egg tarts machine

    Product features:
    Controlled by microcomputer, air pressure forming, rotating disc structure, all stainless steel shell, thermal shock/cold punching die, equip with different molds can make egg tart, Fried bread, steamed cake, green bean cake, etc.
    The main parameters:

    Model: SH-B04
    The power supply voltage: AC220V / 50 hz
    Power consumption: 0.4 kw (thermal shock) / 0.1 kw (cold)
    Consumption volume: 0.2 m3 / min (0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa compressed air, air pressure)
    Production speed: about 2000 per minute
    Dimension: L1500 * H1100 W550
    The weight: 135 kg

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