Crisp Cake Making Machine

Pastry Machine

Model: SH-MD04

Output: 3600-7200pcs/h

Weight of product: 10-180g/pc

Power: 2 kw

Overall dimension: 580*155*120cm

Machine weight: 800kg

Product introduction

SH-MD02 Pastry Production Line is consist Dough mixer, main machine, stuffing machine and shaper, The equipment is suitable for large and medium pastry factory. Simple operation. Two people is ok to operate it. 20 square meters work area is enough. The machine equipped with crisp machine to make more products

Products Range:

The machine can produce vegetable or meat pastry according to your requirement. Mostly be used to make different products, such as Moon cake, green bean cake, wife cake, shortcake, fried shortcake, sesame-seed cake etc.

Description of production process:

The photoelectric belts sent the prepared dough to the machine. Then will be pressed and rolled by the main machine. then be stuffed before curled. After been curled ,the product will be divided and molded by the shaping machine, keep the thickness standard, Copy the hand-made process which can ensure good quality when baking and beautiful appearance, smooth, and original taste.

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