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    Automatic Forming and Aligning Machine

    Model No.: SH-400

    Productivity: 20~120pieces/min.

    Products weight: 15~150g/pieces

    The Ratio of outside and inside: 2:8~8:2

    Power: 3.0KW

    Machine weight: About 380 kg

    Overall dimension: 160*130*130cm  

    Packing Size: 180*150*150cm


    Machine Feathers:

    1. Can automatic aligning products without the pollution, and improve the quality

    2. The products size, the ratio of the wrapper and the stuffing all can be changed according to customer's requirement

    3. High efficiency brings company great economical profit

    4. Good quality materials make sure the products meet the food health standard

    5. Easy operating HMI with both English and Chinese


    Products Range:

    This machine can be used to make many different kinds of food by changing dies and recipes. Such as pineapple cake、pumpkin cake、moon cake、mosaic cake, stuffed buns, sesame ball.

    Fish ball, ice cream mochi, etc.

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